Ring Network

Everywhere and Nowhere – The World’s First
Scalable MimbleWimble Implementation of DAG-based Distributed Ledger System

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    TrustME, a hybrid consensus mechanism pulls PoW, PoS and Tendermint BFT altogether, deployed at Layer 1 to achieve decentralization on DAG-based ledger.

    Transactions are verified by subsequent transactions and will be finalized in a matter of seconds.

  • Scalable

    Benefited from the DAG technology, the Ring Network avoids the block size limitation and provides a verifiable general-purpose scripting system which can be used to extend its functionality at Layer 2.

  • Privacy Preserving

    MimbleWimble is an awesome private token scheme and will be implemented in the Ring Network.

    Users can issue, make inter-chain exchange and cross-chain atomic exchange of both privacy token and original coins on the Ring Network.

DAG Ledger

The separation of powers between entry and attestation allows a node being able to write transactions into the ledger directly without blocking. It means that the performance will not be sacrificed for prohibiting rare faulty transactions. A well-designed incentive system built upon consensus mechanism will reduce the willingness of attestors to behave “evil” in a large extent.

Finalized Hybrid Consensus

The integration of Free Unit-Reference, Proof of Work (PoW), Delegate Proof of Stake (PoS) and Tendermint Byzantine Agreement will make sure decentralization and incentivized token economy never stop. PoW difficulty can be adjusted by staking to inspire more nodes to participate in mining. Variables used in consensus computing are all fetched from the ledger’s history records, with no external dependencies at all. Transactions are finalized immediately after being attested without rollback.


Ring Network will implement IBC (inter-operation blockchain communication) protocol and cryptographic cross-chain Atom Exchange Protocol, to break the barrier between different systems and integrate functions and resources of them. Side-chain technologies will be supported to build Layer 2.

Dual Token & Privacy

Ring Network dual-token model combines both ordinary token and privacy token in Layer 1 and will provide extended functionality and improve transaction security. Privacy token is based on homomorphic encryption, confidential transaction, CoinJoin, Cut-Through etc. Users can also issue ordinary token and privacy token.